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A person normally goes outdoors to find leisure and excitement. In some cases, they also go to facilities where they can relax and take time off from their responsibilities. Here in Punta Altezza, it’s a different story. When you choose this residential development to be your home, you don’t need to go far at all. You’ll be afforded with the use of various amenities to improve your life at home.

Beating the summer heat has never been more convenient. Punta Altezza has a swimming pool within its premises to help you cool down when the weather gets too hot. Just gather your family and friends to head on over to this amenity. You’ll be guaranteed a refreshing and relaxing experience every time you use this pool with your loved ones.

Keeping your body fit is a lot easier when you have the means near your home. Punta Altezza has a full-size basketball court to help you get into shape while playing the game you love. While others have to travel far and spend money just to rent a facility, you can play ball anytime it pleases you here. There’s also a jogging trail present inside this residential development. Just lace on your running shoes and you can jog for as long as you want. There’s won’t be incoming traffic to pose any danger so you can run as much as you like here.

There are so many reasons to celebrate within a full year. There are the holidays, individual birthdays, and special occasions that call for a celebration. Here in Punta Altezza, you’ll be given a chance to use a clubhouse for all of these functions. All you need is to gather your loved ones over good food and this clubhouse will take care of your venue.

Your kids’ leisure time is just as important as their daily duties. They deserve a place where they can run, jump, and play all they want. Punta Altezza has a playground located near your home. This facility is filled with safe play equipment so your children can enjoy without suffering any unnecessary accidents. Plus, the playground itself is far from common dangers, like speeding cars or devious strangers lurking around.

Speaking of safety, you won’t have to worry when you leave home for work or when you’re sleeping soundly at night. Punta Altezza’s reliable security team is always on the watch to maintain the peace and keep your property secure. This residential development has a guardhouse in its entrance to monitor all activity so you can be safer. Plus, basic needs, like water and electricity are guaranteed here too. Punta Altezza has a power and water distribution system so your daily lifestyle won’t be affected.

Stepping out of your home in Punta Altezza opens up a whole world of possibilities. All of these amenities serve to make your life here a lot better and more convenient. Experience the finest lifestyle, here in this residential development.

Filinvest Punta Altezza Features

  • Themed wall entrance
  • Entrance gate with guardhouse
  • Underground drainage system
  • Water and power distribution system
  • 10 to 12-meter ROW concrete road
  • Tree-lined access roads with sidewalk
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketballcourt
  • Swimming Pool
  • Playground
  • Jogging Trail
  • Picnic Areas
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